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Tax consulting Poznań

Tax consulting

We are experts in the field of the Polish tax law, we advise and assist our Clients in making safe business decisions on the basis of our legal and tax analysis of the factual circumstances regarding their business activities, the current case-law of administrative courts, the procedures taken by the tax authorities as well as our on experience and expertise.
The scope of our tax consulting services:

  • legal and tax consulting based on the Polish tax law,
  • legal and tax consulting based on the agreements on avoidance of double taxation, in particular the formation of an "establishment", as regards license fees, charges for intangible services, interest and dividends,
  • documenting transactions with related entities as required under the tax laws,
  • analysis of provisions contained in agreements concluded with contractors in terms of tax risk elimination, taking into account the optimization of the tax burdens under the applicable law,
  • tax audit with the aim to diagnose and correct irregularities in tax practices and identify optimal solutions in certain situations,
  • assistance in choosing the best legal form for the business,
  • application of forms of taxation tat are most favorable in a given situation,
  • handling of tax proceedings involving comprehensive assistance in the preparation of legal processes (appeals, petitions, objections) at all stages of the proceedings before the tax authorities and tax inspection authorities, and representation before the authorities,
  • making complaints to the regional administrative courts and cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as any other required papers in court and administrative proceedings,
  • represent our clients before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • represent our clients before state agencies and protect their interests in the course of the audits carried out by the authorities.