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Economic analyses Poznań

Economic analyses

We provide our customers with financial reports tailored to their needs and at the desired frequency:

  • analysis of revenues (prepared on the basis of data received from both the financial and accounting system as well as from external systems of our customers, as a multi-dimensional approach, e.g. projects, location, processes),
  • analysis of the costs, both in terms of multi-dimensional approach, e.g. cost centers, projects, processes, as well as in terms of multistage approach - from presentation of overheads, through their specification, to presentation of specific documents (postings) included under a given item of the analysis,
  • analysis of the balance sheet,
  • comprehensive financial analysis.

We advise and help to develop budgeting models, we analyze the implementation of the budget.
We also have several years of experience in preparing analysis of network businesses (franchise) as well as feasibility studies and analyses of project implementation.